The Hoochie Digs recently moved from Louisiana to the West Palm Beach area. Cher comes up with the lyrics to sing along to the songs that her husband , Joey, plays for her. Here are 3 songs chosen from their 2 CDs, which I’ve taken the liberty to embellish.

Remix and Video of a song from their first CD “My Baby Gone”

Albert “Juice” Rodney is a master steel pan player from St. Vincent, who will bring the flavor of the Caribbean to any event. Here are a few of the songs that I made for him to play along with. You can reach him at

Lua Project, from Charlottesvile, Virginia, plays a unique blend of Bluegrass with a Latin flair. This recording is from a 2019 performance at the Peloton bike shop by day and bar/ music venue at night.

Joe McLain is a bluesy singer-songwriter from up in the Allegheny mountains in Millboro, Virginia. This was recorded in 2019, with some members of a band that I played with back in the late 1970s.

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